Can I Repair My Roof Myself?

Yes, but it depends on a few factors. Find out in this quick guide.
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That leaking spot in the ceiling or those missing shingles have you wondering – can you skip the cost of a roofer and fix this yourself? The answer, like most things in home improvement, is “it depends.” Let’s break down the factors to consider before climbing that ladder.

When DIY Might Be Okay

Senior man cleaning gutters on a suburban roof tile house

Minor Issues

Fixing a single loose shingle, resealing a bit of flashing, or clearing clogged gutters – these are manageable tasks for most reasonably handy homeowners.

Flat, Easily Accessible Roof

A low-slope or easily walkable roof greatly minimizes the risk involved.

You Have the Right Tools and Knowledge

Basic roofing tools and a solid understanding of what you’re doing are essential. There are great online resources and tutorials to help!

When Calling a Pro is the ONLY Answer

Roofing professional called for roofing services

Significant Damage

Large holes, extensive leaks, or potential structural issues require professional assessment and repair.

Steep or Complex Roof

If you’re not comfortable walking on the roof even without damage, don’t risk it. Falls are a major hazard.

Warranty Concerns

Many roofing warranties are void if any non-certified repairs are done. Check the terms of yours.

Unsure? Err on the side of caution

Your roof protects your entire home. Risking further damage for the sake of saving a few dollars is a bad gamble.

Safety First, Always!

Even minor roof repairs carry risks. Here’s what you need if you choose to DIY:

  • Sturdy Ladder: It must extend at least three feet past the roofline for safe access.
  • Fall Protection: For steeper roofs, a harness and safety line are essential.
  • A Helper: Never go on the roof alone. Someone on the ground can help with tools and act as a spotter.

It’s Not Just About Saving Money

Your time has value too. What seems like a quick fix can drag on if you’re inexperienced. There’s also the cost of buying the right tools if you don’t own them. Professional roofers bring the experience to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time, potentially saving you hassle in the long run.

Get Quotes, Even for Small Repairs

Sometimes, the cost of hiring a pro for even minor repairs isn’t as much as you think. Getting a few estimates gives you a baseline to compare your DIY costs against.

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